7 Pro-tips to improve your Instagram aesthetics in 2021

In 2021 Instagram said goodbye to the perfect Instagram feed!

It is your turn to evolve and say goodbye to your perfect feed too. However, it is still important to have a recognizable brand. Therefore, it is still valuable to have brand colors, font, brand elements, and vibe.

Finding my brand identity was the biggest struggle to start my Instagram journey. So, I collected information, tools, and examples to help you create your own Instagram feed without the hustle of figuring out how to do it. 

Are you ready to make small changes to find your visual voice? If your answer is yes, let’s get started!

1.Choose Your Vibe

Words to Describe your Vibe

Think of this as finding your social media personality.  It is going to be calming, energetic, upbeat, or minimalist? Your choice.

Select a vibe that goes along with your personality and fits your followers. I suggest that you spend some time looking at other accounts’ feeds for inspiration.

To make it easier for you, here is a list of nutrition expert-friendly words that can describe your vibe. Pick 4-5 today and remember them as you create posts. Know that you can always change your account as your brand grows and you better understand yourself and your followers. 

Now, please take a moment to choose your words and write them down.  Remember these words when choosing your colors and creating your posts.

Get inspired by the accounts below:

Deanna Wolfe, MS, RDN, has a calm, earthy feed that suits well her nutrition philosophy as a food freedom coach. Note how all the feel her vibe easily.

Dietitian-meme has a fun and vibrant feed. The account is to make you laugh!
Notice that all the posts are memes.

Brock11johnson has a vibrant, recognizable brand despite the many colors and elements in his feed. By the way, he is one of my favorite Instagram experts at the time I am writing this blog post.

2. Choose 3 Predominant Colors for Your Feed

Color palette example
Design Seeds Color Palette

Consistent brand colors create consistency and can make your brand recognizable. To choose colors, scroll your Insta feed for inspiration.

Then, find what colors go well together. You can use a color palette generator to determine what colors go well together with our use an already made color palette. One great, and free resource, is Design Seeds.  

Hex color codes
Example of hex color codes from a Design Seeds’ color palette

Another option is to use a color wheel. Here, you can use complimentary (from opposite sides of the wheel) or monochromatic colors (from the same side of the wheel).

Once you choose your colors, make sure to make a note of the “hex color code” or the combination of letters and numbers that show you the exact color. You can use this anywhere you are creating content, and the exact color will appear every time. You can also get this code by using your color palette generator or simply searching the internet for the code.

3. The Effect of Colors on Emotions

The effect of colors on emotions
The effect of colors on emotions

Have you noticed how some places bring you calm, happiness and others irritate you? Well, the colors in such spaces might have something to do with it. 

There are common emotions related to two main categories: warm and cool. Warm colors -such as red, yellow, and orange- can bring a variety of emotions, from warmth to anger.

Cool colors such as blue, green, and purple- can bring feelings of calmness and even sadness. 

Thus, the colors you choose for your feed can impact the emotions you bring in your followers.

For more details about this fascinating topic, visit the blog by Art Therapy: The psychology of color: the effect of colors on emotions.

4. Create Your Brand Kit

Be consistent by creating a brand kit. If you use Canva*, go to the “brand kit” section and save your colors. After doing this, every time you create a post, it will take a couple of clicks to replicate your brand colors.

If you don’t use Canva, save a photo of your colors and the hex color code.

*Please note that links with a (*) are my affiliate links & I make a commission off purchases made through these links.

5. Be Authentic

One of the most valuable aspects of Instagram is being authentic. While aesthetics are important and followers love an eye-pleasing account, authenticity is the key to growing your account into a community of engaged followers. 

Later points out that “authenticity is all about being true to your brand voice and not being afraid to speak openly about the topics your care about.”  

Authenticity also reflects in pictures, with followers favoring more realistic images So forget the heavy filters and the perfect images. Also, it is fine if your feed is not perfect. 

A great example of authenticity in pictures comes from @thebirdpapaya.

Putting All Together

When you put all the elements together, you will end up with a branded Instagram account that is easy to recognize and is very appealing to your followers.

Having an Instagram feed that is everywhere and has poor quality images will confuse your followers. The good news is that a consistent and eye-pleasing design that expresses your brand soul will attract and keep followers.

Last, have fun! Try, fail, find another way, and enjoy the process. Perfection is not the goal. Developing a relationship with your audience is.

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