These are some of the tools I love and have proven helpful to create an online presence as nutrition experts. Check them out and allow yourself to focus on achieving your goals and not so much into the “how to.”

*Please note that this resource page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a product using my affiliate link, I will receive a small commission or bonus. This will not change the price you pay. If you see an * then you will know it is an affiliate link.


Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that can help you to easily create social media graphics and many other content. To be honest, it was the one platform that changed my Instagram feed! Beyond social media, I use it for presentations, and anything else that requires images. There is a free and a paid version but I recommend the paid one, it is worth the price (under $15.00 per month). They have a free trial too.


Great tool to visually plan your posts, automatically post, save time by saving hashtags, and get analytics. There is a free and paid version. I also love their blog and newsletter, it has amazing content to move you forward in your social media expertises.


You will love Milla’s personality and will get awesome ideas for your Instagram feed. 


She has 15K followers for a reason. You will get tons of actionable tips to improve your Instagram account.

Evolving Dietitians

Of course, follow us to get tips and tools to grow your social media and online presence as a nutrition professional.


The Unconventional RD– How to start a website free tutorial*

After many attempts of starting a blog, following Erica Julson’s free tutorial helped me create this website in a very short amount of time. 

The Blogging Accelerator Program

Ready to get your website ready to start growing and monetizing?  Katie Dodd’s program can help you do just that in only 2 months. 

Google domains

The first step into creating a blog is to find and register a name. There are many places to purchase your domain but this is the one I use. It is recommended that you purchase your name separate from your web hosting account, so it will be easy to move your website to a different hosting site in the future. 

Even if you are not ready to start a website yet, I recommend you purchase your domain now. It will not be great to find out that your domain is taken when you are ready.

Site ground
After the name, the next step to create a blog is to give it a place to exist, called web hosting. Site ground is easy to set up and provides good capabilities in terms of speed and security. Great for the beginner blogger. There is a monthly or yearly fee to use their services. 


Now that you have a name and a webhost, you need a theme to create your website. Astra is a WordPress theme that is currently recommended. Astra is lightweight and fast. Overall I found it very user friendly. For this, there is a free and a paid version.


The last basic element to create your website is a tool to help you build your website. Elementor is very easy to use and helps you create a stunning and user friendly website. Again, there is a free and a paid version.

The unconventional RD SEO course*

Great content is good, but you need people to see it. To achieve success in blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) is key. The unconventional RD guides you, in a very simple and actionable manner, in learning and implementing SEO as a nutrition professional.

Blogging millionaire podcast

Short and inspiring episodes can take you to simple actions to grow and monetize your blog. Find it anywhere where you listen to your podcasts.