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Welcome to Evolving Dietitians, a place for nutrition professionals to connect and evolve by learning what works (and what doesn’t) in the exciting world of marketing. We talk about the components of digital marketing and television appearances. 

When you own a strong media presence, it is easy to sell products, online courses, services  or create branded content and make the income you deserve! 

Created in 2020, this community shares their experience about: Instagram, Facebook, websites, television, contributions to blogs and magazines, speaking engagements (webinars and in-person) and any other experiences that will put your name in front of your ideal client. Let’s connect! 

About Su-Nui

Hi! I am Su-Nui, a registered dietitian, doctor in clinical nutrition and spokesperson for over 12 years. As a spokesperson for national brands I appeared in hundreds of television segments; collaborated in their social media management; created recipes and tips appearing in magazines, websites and others; and many other fun activities. 

Now, as a spokesperson of a national organization for nutrition professionals I am cited in stories by reporters of a wide variety of news outlets and blogs. My work has been fun and rewarding in every sense! 

When I decided to focus on building my own online presence, I was frustrated because I had to search in many places to find my way, which has been time consuming. 

Since my hidden talent is to make complicated things easy, my goal now  is to make it easy for you so you don’t waste precious time and use that time to become a huge success.

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Dr. Su-Nui Escobar, DCN, RDN, FAND
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